Programs and Courses

Academic programs available at the university:

Engineering, Economics, Management, and International Business, Computer and Information Technology, Transport, Electro-Mechanics, and Chemical Technology.

Teaching Personnel

The National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» was founded in 1885.

Today, the university possesses a solid academic potential boasting of 900 staffs qualified with PhDs and associate professor degrees out of which 242 possess a doctorate.

Admission Process

The university is currently accepting candidates for the 2020/2021 academic year, we suggest you apply now as there are limited slots.

  • Choose your Study Program
  • Fill in the Application Form & Provide your documents
  • Receive Invitation Letter & Apply for Visa
  • Arrive Ukraine & Go through the Intake procedure

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Funny foreign students

The company‎ strives to provide quality assistance and support for international students interested in getting admitted and trained at one of the best technical universities in Ukraine. The desire to create a full-fledged organization for supporting international students came to my mind in 2015, at that time, I was a 4th-year student at NTU «‎KhPI»‎. Over my years of study, I met a lot of good people from different nationalities.

Communicating with foreigners has always been an extremely exciting and easy thing for me. I learned a lot of interesting things, not only about the mindset and life of foreigners in Ukraine but also about their traditions, customs, and culture. Over time, it became absolutely clear to me, why so many international students strive to study at KhPI. In fact, it is a truly affordable and high-quality tertiary institution and of high European standards as well.

While working as a trusted agent of our university, I learned about the challenges students encounter while embarking on the tedious procedure of getting admitted to the university; from issuing an Invitation Letter to the happy moment of receiving a Diploma. That is why I decided to create my own company, which is always ready and happy to help foreign students in their endeavor to get the best higher education in my beloved Kharkiv.

Eugene Shepotko, founder-director of the company «KhPI Centre».

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