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NTU «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»

The National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» (NTU «KHPI»),

founded in 1885 currently sponsors six (6) universities which are; the National Aerospace University «Kharkiv Aviation Institute‎», Kharkiv National Technical University of Radio Electronics, Kharkiv State University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, National East Ukrainian University, Sumy State University. In 1997 the Polytechnic Institute was opened at the branch of NTU «KHPI» in Kremenchuk.

Facts and figures about NTU «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»

NTU «KHPI», is accredited by the highest IV level. The University prepares specialists in 102 specialties learning full-time and 70 in a correspondence form of study. In 2000, the Decree of the President of Ukraine granted the University the status of the National Higher Education Institution of Ukraine.

Today NTU «KHPI» has the highest licensed admission volumes in Eastern and Southern Ukraine: more than 5500 places in full-time study, more than 3500 places in correspondence study.

The university enrolls over 20,000 students. NTU «KHPI» is the only higher education institution in Ukraine, which prepares engineering personnel in such areas as turbine, boiler and reactor building, electrical insulation, cable, and condenser technology and the technology of fats and grease substitutes.

The University has 5 institutes, 4 full-time faculties, a distance learning center, a pre-university training center, a faculty of international education, an inter-branch institute of postgraduate education, and three research and design institutes.

The NTU «KHPI» includes the Red Star Guards Order of the Military Training Institute of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Kharkiv Computer College, Poltava Polytechnic College, therefore, applicants to the University are also trained in preparatory courses.

The University is also developing as a multidisciplinary
institution of higher education.

Today, the University boasts
of 89 departments.

A modern approach and unique learning facilities

NTU «KHPI» boasts of an effective two-tier system for facilitating the employment of graduates. The system works as follows: departments actively maintain contact with profile enterprises, keeping track of their needs. During the period of study, students undergo a manufacturing internship at an enterprise of their specialty. This is done during the spring break. The departments invite representatives of enterprises to open presentations of graduates, therefore, creating an avenue to meet with students. The departments further encourage the conclusion of tripartite employment contracts, under which the graduate acquires the status of a young specialist. Under these contracts, more than 95% of graduates have become gainfully employed.

Programming master class
At the computer training center (photo of NTU).

Special attention at the University is paid to the systematic approach of improving the organization of the educational process and radical improvement of the content of education. Based on a comparative analysis of the curricula of the leading higher educational establishments of Ukraine; CIS countries, USA (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), European countries (Magdeburg Technical University) the creation of structural and logical schemes, new curricula were developed in which formed the optimal combination of humanities, mathematical and technical knowledge of specialists.

The concepts of «Humanization of higher engineering education - a strategy of the behavior of a modern engineer» and the concept of educational jobs for the students were introduced into the curricula. According to the new curricula, the University has been training specialists in two levels for over ten years: bachelors (4 years) and masters (1.4 and 1.9 years).

Student speaks with a microphone
At a seminar (photo of NTU).

Today NTU «KHPI» is operating and developing, implementing the principles of the Bologna Declaration (Charter of the European Universities), to which it joined in 2005. At the university, computer and telecommunication technologies are being persistently introduced into the educational process: there are more than 100 computer classes with a total number of modern computers of over 2500 units connected to the university's LAN and the Internet.

An integral part of the system of continuous engineering training at the university is the structure of postgraduate education, which is created on the basis of the Interindustry Institute of Postgraduate Education. It provides training for specialists in the specialty «Intellectual Propert», as well as retraining in the specialties: «Accounting and Auditin», «Organization Management» and «Intellectual Property».