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Professional services for foreign students from KHPI Centre

KHPI Centre is an authorized agent at NTU «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute». The company provides full support for foreign students at all stages; receiving an Invitation Letter, applying for an educational visa to Ukraine, and going through the admission process. Our services can be relied on to get accepted into the University.

To start the admission process or even if it’s just for more information, kindly contact us via WhatsApp on +380989550522. In our experience, we discovered most foreign clients prefer communication via WhatsApp.

Application process support

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The first step is to fill the Admission Form.
You can do this online or by sending the following information to our mailbox -

Upon receipt of the mail, we would go through the information and contact the student as soon as possible. When we find all the documents complete and up to date, we immediately prepare the Invitation Letter ( See sample). After reaching out to the prospect, the prospective student would be required to pay $40 (Forty dollars), this payment is for the preparation of the Invitation Letter as well as support at the Ukrainian embassy of the prospect’s home country.

The second step is the Invitation Letter shipment.
Since the prospective students must submit the original copy of the invitation letter at the Ukrainian embassy to apply for the Educational visa, it is recommended that DHL is used as a means to get the letter, the prospective student may also use any other reliable and secure postal service. The prospective student is advised to visit the nearest DHL office and order a delivery wherein the letter would be picked up from us here in Ukraine and sent to the prospect. We can also send the invitation letter from our office but where this is opted for, the prospect is advised to provide the correct home address, and this would help determine the cost of delivery.
After receiving the Invitation Letter.
The prospective student should contact the Ukrainian embassy in the home country and apply for educational visa.
Once you receive a visa.
A flight to Kharkiv should be booked.


The Flight date must be after the visa commencement date.

Airport meet.
Our representative would meet with the Student at the airport and help with transportation to a hotel or student dormitory. After which we would commence the Intake Procedure.

Invitation letter

The Invitation Letter for the study is an official document processed by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. It is required as a foundation to issue the Educational visa for applicants by the Ukrainian Embassy and confirms that the student is successfully admitted to NTU «KhPI».

This document contains the student’s full name, passport number, date of birth, name of the University, and chosen specialty. Also, the date of issue and expiration date has to be stamped on the face of the letter.

Generally, it takes around 3 working days for an Invitation Letter to be processed. The invitation letter is however valid for only 180 days from the date of the issue. Therefore, an application for a visa to the Ukrainian embassy should be made during the period of validity.

Official translation of the documents

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Students are required to have their documents translated as a prerequisite to submitting them at the University. We, therefore, provide notarized translations from any language to Ukrainian with the help of certified translators who have over 3 years’ experience in translating documents.

List of the documents that need to be translated:

The cost of translation starts from 30 USD.

Services upon arrival

Airport pick up

Airport pick up is a compulsory service since the custom officers at the airport require all international students to be met by the University’s representative to avoid any unpleasant experience. Since the University is located in Kharkiv, we strongly advise our clients to book tickets to Kharkiv international airport where our representative would be waiting at the exit terminal from the customs control zone to assist the student get to a hotel or a dormitory.


Students should ensure arrival in Kharkiv not later than 1.5 months after the date of commencement of the visa.

Intake process

The intake procedure starts after the student arrives in Ukraine.


  • Students should bring original copies of the required educational documents. They must be legalized or apostilled, depending on the country of origin.
  • Students arriving in Ukraine should have the full tuition fee as well as money for a substantial living for the period of stay.
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When all requirements have been met by the student, we would continue with the necessary paperwork at the University. The necessary processes are as follows: completing all necessary documents at the University, applying for a residence permit card, and a medical examination. Usually, it would take just a couple of days to resolve and complete the process after which the student would be given a place in one of the University dormitories where we would help the student settle in.

When the intake process is completed and lectures commence, we would also help the student find time tables, as well as assist the student to locate the University campuses and classrooms.

Don’t delay! Take advantage of the best technical university in Ukraine, get in touch with us today to start your prospective career.